When do I receive my SMAK tokens:

You’ll receive your SMAK Token after the token sale, on June 25. I sent funds to the Pre-ICO but I was not part of the pre-ICO whitelisted members

If you were not part of the pre-ICO whitelist (KYC before April 23) nor eligible for any reason, we will refund you within the next 30 days after the pre-sale is over, to be fair to other participants. We will try to process refunds before the end of the pre-ICO, with no guarantee.

My Balance doesn't show

Please make sure your Sender address is up-to-date on your Synaps account (or change it if necessary). Additiotinally, it may take up to a few hours after sending your funds.

Why does the sale keep going since 500K USD was reached?

The KYC creation date will prevail to determine the SMAK token allocation per contributor on a first-come-first-serve basis. Every verified participant will have the opportunity to send their contribution until May 5 (5:00 PM GMT). If you send your contribution, and tokens are sold out, SMAK tokens will be automatically reserved for the ICO or get refunded upon request minus the transaction fees.

I sent funds from an exchange Exchanges addresses are not supported as transactions are batched with other users. Please submit a ticket for your “exchange” transaction here:

Can I send funds now to the Pre-ICO?

If you did your KYC before April 23 you are eligible for the pre-ICO. If you did your KYC after April 23 you are eligible only for the ICO starting on May 5 did not approve my account

We follow a strict legal framework in order to comply with European and AML regulations. Decisions made on Synaps are usually definitive.

Can I get a refund for my Pre-ICO contribution?

There is no refund for Pre-ICO contributors who sent funds and were selected in the first place. You may get a refund only if you were transferred to the ICO pool.

What is the new SMAK contract?

Our SMAK contract has been updated, please read here:

Please note that your Temple wallet address remains the same